Sculptra Aesthetic

Are You Ready For Sculptra?

This bio-friendly injectable, made from Poly l Lactic acid, is both highly tolerable and biocompatible with other fillers. It works to restore volume by stimulating the body to produce collagen, a key element that provides volume and gives shape and fullness to the face. Collagen stops being produced by the body at about age 30. As a result, wrinkles, lines and folds gradually appear and deepen over time. By age 50, not only soft tissue,  but bone density, begins to lessen, resulting in an aged appearance.

At Split Rock, injectables practitioner Lisa Topham has found that Sculptra Aesthetic gradually replaces lost collagen, providing structure and volume to restore the look of youth. It is often used in conjunction with other fillers to achieve the most subtle, natural look that essentially makes you look like yourself, only more refreshed and youthful.

Once collagen is restored, volume gradually increases along the jaw line, forehead, mid-face, and cheeks. Hollowness beneath the eyes, nasolabila folds, and chin is reversed, and the upper lip area is plumped. Additionally, Sculptra Aesthetic works wonders on the décolletage and on the backs of hands.

"Lisa is absolutely the best at what she does! Highly recommend!"

~ Sarah Giggar

Experience Matters

Lisa Topham studied the procedure with world-renowned physician Danny Vleggaar, a pioneer in non-surgical facial sculpting and the leading practitioner of Sculptra Aesthetic.

During an office procedure, Lisa injects the product into all areas needing volume correction and gently massages to create a smooth appearance. Requiring only a topical anesthetic, treatment is typically given in a series of three to four sessions, each producing a higher level of correction. Results emerge subtly and can last up to two years. Little down time is expected, but patients will be instructed on how to massage treated areas during the healing process.

Prices vary.


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