The Science Behind Regenica®

Regenica® was developed by Dr. Gail Naughton, who was one of the original developers of TNS®growth factor technology in the 1990s. As she continued to advance her research over the next two decades, she was struck by the fact that an unborn child could have surgery, yet have no scars at birth. She studied what was unique about the prenatal environment and found a way to mimic it, so that she could produce the same type of multipotent growth factors that are associated with scarless healing.

Only Regenica®  is made with MRCx next generation growth factor technology. This proprietary, patented process creates younger, fresher growth factors unlike any other growth factor product. It’s designed for those who want to advance to the next level of skin care in order to help prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

If you’re ready for the next generation of anti-aging skin care, only Regenica® has MRCx next generation growth factor technology to help prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Used alone or in combination with other products, it’s part of a balanced skin care regimen to restore optimal skin health.


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